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Submitted on
August 28, 2012
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Trace an 'X' over my heart
then strike a dagger into it because of my disloyalty.

Carve two intersecting lines on my left scapula,
because you couldn't break my heart to my face.

I'll always remember my mark..  
It's an idea for my tattoo.
An X over my heart and another one on my back
this is the significance
I got the X idea from a friend :D
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DreamingMind-set Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice poem and the tattoo concept is pretty cool.
atlantic-lungs Apr 13, 2013  Student Writer
thankies! i made it come true :D
DreamingMind-set Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lomaiwe Aug 30, 2012   Artist
I love this. Both the poem and the tattoo idea. FANTASTIC.
atlantic-lungs Sep 4, 2012  Student Writer
Ahhh!!! thank you! I wasn't sure if anyone agreed!
but i'm still doing it :D
Lomaiwe Sep 5, 2012   Artist
No, seriously, it's AWESOME. I like that kind of thing! I need like.... 9 more tattoos. At least.

I am hoping to eventually bridge the gap between "tattooed" to "heavily tattooed." :DDDD

And seriously. AWESOME idea. Tattoos that mean something are way better than going in and choosing a picture off a wall somewhere.
atlantic-lungs Sep 8, 2012  Student Writer
AH! I'm so late on replies >_<

9 more!!? How many do you have now?

I've never gotten one before, and i don't like
pain so I'm afraid and this will probably will be
the only one i get.

if you love getting tattoos and everyone has a meaning,
i say go for it :D

True, i would hate to go to a place undecided.
Lomaiwe Sep 9, 2012   Artist
I currently have 13, although most of them are pretty tiny, and some of the ones I want to get are to cover the tiny ones that bled together on my feet and back of my hips... they just don't look nice anymore, they were done too small. So when you do get one done, talk to the artist about size, since the lines will naturally thicken some over time. :)

And I am a total weenie. Getting a tattoo isn't comfortable, but the sensation is more intense and painful in some places than others. If you are afraid of pain, I would say avoid the feet! haha!

But they says tattoos can be addicting... and for me it was a therapeutic process... helped me deal with some demons, or at least put them into perspective.

When you get it done, let me know :)
atlantic-lungs Sep 16, 2012  Student Writer
So in simpler words, you regret some of yours..

Perhaps, it might be therapeutic for me.
I'm weird like that!!
But yeah, near my collar bone & on my back
so i'm hoping no pain!!

I will tells chu!..on facebook xD

I want it soon!
Lomaiwe Sep 16, 2012   Artist
No, regret is the wrong word. I only wish someone would have told me that the lines will thicken some over time and advised me on the size. if you think about it, it wasn't my responsibility to know. And my first two, I got when I was trying to process the first rape I had been through-- they were cathartic to me, and I'm not sorry I got them because I think it was essential to my survival... but I think of all the hate I felt when I see them now... it's not regret, either... it's just time to put something more positive in their stead-- their purpose has been served.

Tattooing has been very cathartic for me... I hope it is for you, too :)
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